Friday, January 29, 2010


An Atom

Atom is the smallest particle of an element.
Atoms of an element are the same.
Atoms made up of three subatomic particles namely proton, neutron and electron.
In the centre of an atom called nucleus.
Nucleus contains of protons and neutrons.
Electrons of an atom are in constant motion in path called orbit.

Subatomic Particles (Proton)
Symbol : p
Charge : +1 (positive)
Mass : 1
Location: In the nucleus

Subatomic Particles(Neutron)
•Symbol : n
•Charge : 0 (neutral)
•Mass : 1
•Location: In the nucleus
Subatomic Particles(Electron)
•Symbol : e
•Charge : - 1 (negative)
•Mass : 1/1840
•Location: Around the nucleus

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